Tuesday, April 1, 2008

kiwi.pino - ang pagdating

balik tanaw sa nakalipas -

yup! thats the plane that would take me to NZ. before boarding the plane i already spent 12 hours in transit via bus, train and another flight.

lcd display graphic representation of our approach to Auckland Intl airport.

my immigration odyssey begins...

i was tired and exhausted by the time our plane landed, kaya parang kinalaykay ng manok ang handwriting ko when i filled-up the arrival form (mistake no.1), the immmigration officer ask me some trivial question as he was reviewing my passport - i probably replied incoherently coz i was droggy for being awake for the past 24hrs (mistake no.2).

never did i realized that these mistakes would haunt me as i approach the customs baggage inspector. the officer ask me to transfer to another queue - duon sa pila na pang-suspicious characters, in this post 9/11 world where every airport ay praning any mistake you make can have undesirable consequences.

my luggages where turn inside out and swab for any drug residue, sa tingin ko akala nila i was carrying something and probably assumed i was high on drugs.

looking tired, worn out, shabby with a stuble, red eyed due to lack of sleep tapos incoherent pa sagot ko sa tanong sakin at terrible handwriting - siguro nga mapapagkamalan akong tumira during my flight.

i was finally allowed to leave when nothing was found. i wasnt maltreated or anything - the officer who was inpecting my luggage and asking me questions was very courteous. i cant say the same for the other people on that queue - some were really questioned intimidatingly, mostly the had undeclared taxable goods or restricted/unallowed items (READ).

moral of my odyssey - 'wag maging makulit - dont bring any restricted stuff, read the arrival form carefully-declare whatever you need to declare at write legibly, tandaan kapag natiklo ka - your salvation is dependent on the whim of the immigration officer (standard yan kahit saan) and finally, jetlag is always a bitch!

what a relief to finally exit that door.

first impression - looks like a domestic airport but sure is clean inside and out, also it felt provincial very provincial!

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