Tuesday, April 15, 2008


the net is full of gripes by pinoys who migrated to NZ, narito ang ilan - 1, 2, 3.

loose the "bad hair day" kid - it only works in the movies.

either its an individual who expect so much pagdating dito or someone who uproots his entire family sampu ng kanyang ari-arian (including the kitchen sink?) expecting to settle here kaagad permanently.

kahit saang sulok ng mundo ko pumaroon mayroong pros and cons, may nagtatagumpay at may nabibigo - so what is the secret? im no expert but IMHO it boils down to "planning".

sa mga nakikita ko at nakakausap the more successful pinoys here (by "successful" i meant yun naka-settle na dito with a good job) are those who planned their move. people who did their research muna - browsing the net and making queries (sampol). yung mga nagpunta muna dito ng mag-isa (di hatak ang buong pamilya) at nagtiis ng panahon till he or she felt financially stable to bring a family here. also, those who are 35 and above had a better chance, di sa minamaliit ko yun mga nakababata - but like in my profession if your below 30 i would still consider you na may gatas pa sa labi. i've seen know-it-all people who work overseas for the first time (board placers pa) who thought passing the board and gaining a few years experience is enough leverage - its a different ballgame na po paglabas nyo ng pinas.

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