Wednesday, April 29, 2009

harbour bridge

Looking out our second floor balcony you can catch a glimpse of the waitemata harbour and beyond that is ragitoto island. The name Waitemata is generally considered to mean “sparkling waters”.

Few of the world’s developed harbors have survived unscathed by bridges. Auckland managed to use ferries to resist the need for a bridge until 1955. Since its completion in 1959, the bridge across Waitemata Harbour (parly covered by tree above) is almost single-handedly credited with opening up the North Shore to rapid development. Previously, the North Shore was a vacation destination with pockets of development. Now it’s become a collection of modern suburbs (prefered residential area by pinoys in auckland), and with that transformation came problems with traffic congestion. An innovative approach was taken in the late 1960’s when two lanes were added to each side of the bridge. The expansion was created by a Japanese company, and thereafter became known as the "Nippon Clip-ons." These served the city well until the late 1980’s, when congestion once again became a problem. By 2000 160,000 vehicles were crossing the bridge each day and now the city is considering adding a second span, or a tunnel so people can get across the harbor.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

gusali sa queen street

ang queen street sa downtown ang matatawag na "golden mile" ng auckland city, karamihan sa mga malalaking kumpanya ay may opisina rito. kapansin-pansin sa queen street ang sari-saring style ng arkitektura ng mga gusali - mula sa moderno tulad ng imax theatre sa larawan (gitna), art deco tulad ng civic centre sa gawing kanan at classical na torre sa may kalayuan.

mapapasin din na lahat ng intersection sa kahabaan ng queen street ay maaring tawirin diagonally ng mga pedestrian at hindi lang perpendicular tulad ng ating nakagawian.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



This photo was taken at the formal garden of "michael joseph savage memorial" , a small park on top of a hill overlooking mission bay. Auckland is blessed with a very nice climate all-year round - plenty of rain and sunshine, nice cool autmn breeze and no snow during winter; the city is unrivalled in the number and quality of its parks and beaches. How many cities offer more than 800 parks and reserves for everyone to enjoy? It's easy to find somewhere different to play, explore and be inspired! Best of all, they cost nothing to visit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

paboritong litrato


View of the tip of the north and south islands mula sa international space station, bihira ang makakakita ng nz mula sa vantage point na ito. The closest any of us can get to this point of view is by taking the x-flight, taking off the north island and parachuting down picton sa south!