Friday, March 6, 2009

how "sandflies" when your having fun.

-after a rather long sabatical (ala grissom ng csi), im back to posting sa blog kong ito. patapos na ang summer dito kya medyo late na ang impormasyong ito pero you'll never know when it could come in handy.

Native New Zealand Sandfly: Maori name: Namu , family name: Simuliidae blackfly

sandflies are quite common in nz, kya kung medyo sensitive ang iyong skin sa mga kagat ng lamok ay better prepare before you go out into the boondocks.

There are some simple things you can do to avoid the tiny itchy bites.

1. Cover your skin; Cover your arms and legs with long sleeve garments
2. Wear a hat; Always wear a hat (sandflies don’t really go for your face)
3. Cover yourself in Botanica; this is the best Sandfly repellent as it has natural ingredients and does not contain the Deet chemical.
4. Put Botanica on your hat; Cover your hat in Botanica
5. Take your vitamin B; Sandflies don’t like vitamin B
6. Eat Marmite or Vegemite; Marmite and Vegemite the table spreads contain vitamin B. Some of this on your morning toast might also help. You would have to eat a lot of this to make it your only form of defence
7. Avoid wearing dark colours; Sandflies go for dark colours

kung ikaw ay makagat - please refrain from scratching as much as possible, also the itchiness gets worse after a few days, lalo mo itong wag kamutin at bka maging bakokang yan at masira ang flawless mong skin.

"Sandflies are located in wetter areas of New Zealand and can be pests, but are effectively controlled by use of an insect repellent."

i beg to disagree, base on my personal experience once the smell of the insect repellant wears off (after minutes not hours) ay puputaktihin ka na naman ng mga hinayupak na sandflies - don't ever use "OFF" insect repellant by johnsons&johnsons pagkat ito ay walaaaannnnng kakuwenta-kuwenta.

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